For Bekka the days passed slowly…

Nearly all of them were plagued with secrets and littered in debris. A path that would ultimately lead her blindly to the final day. When it arrived, it was the most challenging of all.

Navigating through life as a single mother, Bekka appeared to have overcome nearly all of the obstacles she faced. So when Joe crossed her path she felt ready to welcome the charismatic, successful, stable and loving man into her family. Their passionate love affair became a whirlwind that led to a secret marriage. Joe seemed to love her and her children more than life and she trusted him. He was perfect…too perfect. But just below the surface…lurked a monster.

The cracks in Joe’s persona appeared slowly. But the cracks were blurry and confusing so Bekka put on glasses and peered closer. Suddenly she could see layers she hadn’t seen before. She was torn. She peeled the layers back cautiously and embarked on a journey into Joe’s perverse and twisted world. Each discovery revealed a new level of deceit more twisted than the last. Nothing was as it appeared and nothing he had said was true. Uncertainty and fear propelled her deeper—to places Bekka never thought she could go.

Bekka would soon discover that the man hidden behind the charming façade was keeping many dark secrets. Unbeknownst to her, she had been targeted by a sociopath and the blissful first year of marriage would morph into a fight for her survival.

Intimate and raw Letters to a Sociopath provides an in-depth look into the abyss of confusion and darkness. In Bekka’s letters to Joe, she exposes the chaotic and devious tactics he used to weaken her spirit. She resists him with perseverance and strength refusing to be taken out of the fight. However, when faced with the choice of life or death at his hands…

…leaving him will prove to be the largest battle of all.

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Letters To A Sociopath