There’s a divide amongst us

And it just feels wrong

The separation of people

Does not make us strong.


We live in this world

All wanting to be equal.

This journey we’re on

Is for every one of our people.


Despite our differences

We’ve been given this life,

Not to tear each other down

Or take part in the strife.


So many are screaming

For their voice to be heard.

Yet who is left listening

To anyone else’s word?


We all want acceptance

That’s one thing the same.

But a society of chaos

Makes us all look insane.



We could start to listen

There’s so much to hear.

We are made up of more

Than just hate and fear.



We all have a purpose

And desires to fulfill.

But we can’t achieve much

When our hearts are so ill.


Self-seeking doesn’t serve

Anyone of us at all.

It’s united we stand

Or together we fall.


When something you hear

Prompts you to fight,

Recall what you’ve learned

Two wrongs won’t make a right.


Some things in common

Are what we should find.

Because we are all human

With a heart, soul and mind.


When you look in the mirror

Whose reflection comes through?

Do you like what you see

When you realize it’s you?


Set down your devices.

Learn to talk to your friends.

Interact with a stranger.

We could all seek to mend.


Behind our screens

Is what’s comfortable today.

We’ve become alone and unhappy,

We’ve nearly lost our way.


There’s no better time

Start doing your part.

To see the good in others

You must look from your heart.