One out of every three women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime….

Have you ever known one?

There’s quite a few…

Have you ever been one?

Was the victim…you?


You may have heard questions

Some people will ask.

When they can’t understand

Why you wore that mask.


How did it happened?

Why live in such pain?

How could she stay…

When she had nothing to gain?


Did they doubt your strength…

And consider you weak?

Or cast you aside –

When you failed to…SPEAK?


What if she were trapped…

And felt safe in her silence.

Maybe it led her to believe –

She could evade the violence….


Did they think – there was more…

When she said she was fine.

There was more to her story…

There was a lot more to mine.




It happened so gradually,

And, I wanted to DENY.

Because I couldn’t understand,

Not one reason, WHY.


The man who I married…

would never ever HARM.

If he said he was a SOCIOPATH,

I would have seen through the CHARM.


I would have run the other way.

I would have been fine.

But to understand her story…

You can read about mine.