Our country has been driven right into the ground, and if you’ve failed to notice…just look around.

We’re living with deceit, its a big pack of lies.  The media spins propaganda, and fear’s on the rise.

Pining one side against another, their stories so contrived.  The purpose they serve… is not to revive.

Their intent becomes clear when – the powers that be, create the divide, between you and me.

From a place far removed, they need to chime in, the voices of Hollywood – lecture us again.

I want them to stop, but they’ve only begun.  Spreading disease to the masses…is only for fun.

You can shout to the world, he’s not your president!  Yet no one is forcing you remain…a resident.

To protect the illegals, you’re loyalties show clear.  You can get out of our country, we don’t want you here.

You people are confused, your values are wacked.  How do you justify… even one more attack?

Open your eyes – because it may affect you.  When the neighbor next door – is a terrorist refuge.

The borders will close, there are drugs coming across.  You can cry if you want, but the truth is…you lost.

Trump is our new president, he will be here directly.  It’s time for some changes…to be fixed correctly.

With a strong and steady hand, he will turn things around, because the President we’ve had, has run us aground.

Healthcare’s a joke and economics are bad, President Obama made it worse…and he’s not even sad.

He thinks he was great, he tells us as much.  But the legacy shows… he failed us a touch.

He’ll soon be gone, and what’s done is done.  Trump will step forth…the election was won.

It’s time to accept, and just shut your mouths.  If he’s not your president…then get out of our house!

Take the refugees with you…when you depart, because they don’t belong here – if they don’t share our heart.

We will no longer put up with…the terror they preach, and if you don’t believe it…just look at their reach.

Stop trying to derail the administration to come.  It’s not going to work…when you’re just acting dumb.

It’s not about Russia, start being a thinker.  You’ve fallen for that lie, hook line and sinker!

The ones who yell loudest , have much to hide, someone new, may expose… what’s buried inside.

There’s more to the story, it will all come to light, and those keeping secrets will continue to fight.

The media is distorted, and all that they spew,  are dishonest stories spreading rumors to you.

By continuing to believe, you look like a fool.  Maybe you should consider…using a real research tool.

But what they say sounds good, it mirrors your hate.  The past years have caused this… I blame the last eight.

But hope is finally coming, soon you will see.  The president-elect will unite both you… and me.

Don’t fight against us, it won’t serve a need.  We can become strong…if you would only concede.

If you truly feel that your voice…should be heard.  Try lowering it a notch – and use different words.

Stop calling names… and start speaking in facts.  I know it’s hard for you – when you prefer to attack.

I’m tired of watching our country – at war, and the battle between men… is at our front door.

What are we teaching the rest of the earth?  Can you take a close look at the children we birth?

Their young minds are being shaped by… all the disarray. Is this the country we want to give them one day?

Things will get better, very soon you’ll see, because Trump was elected by my friends and me.

I’ve waited a long time – for this day to arrive.  Because my President has won, our country can thrive.