I am a seeker of truth which makes it painful to observe the significant loss of transparency in society.  Fallacies have penetrated our lives like a disease and now our diseased media is passing the infection to the people.

Today I intended to inspire, today I wanted to write about something… anything…else.  But today I opened Facebook and read a shared post that was circulating among friends.  I shouldn’t have opened the article, shouldn’t have read the hate propaganda and the comments that came from it.  But I did…and it sparked a need to retaliate.  My retaliation comes in the form of truth and that requires fact checking and research.

I want to dismiss their article and their comments as baseless simply because of the source.  I want to judge this entire group, give them a name – or a few (dumb, mindless, followers, etc.).  I want to dismiss their thoughts and feelings and not allow them to have any validity, not with me anyway.  But if I did, wouldn’t it characterize me in the same way as the ones who are spouting judgement and characterization?  It would.  So I wont.

The article claims that Trump made the deal with Carrier only because he holds stock in the parent company, United Technologies.  Hmmm…I recall hearing that he sold all his stock earlier this summer.  So I automatically knew this was a dishonest story written intentionally to create doubt, fear and bias against the President elect.  The article is full of negative assumptions and insinuations yet written as truth.

First off, how can anyone ever assume they know for a fact – what someone else intentions are?  You can’t, no one can.  We can only guess.  So common sense should prevail before we, the people reading such an article, come to any conclusion.  In my research it was fairly easy to obtain a copy of Trump’s public record.  It indicates he  is not currently a stockholder in United Technologies. So, regardless of what the writer stated as factual, I now have proof he has fabricated the story.  You can choose to look it up yourself under the OGE (Office of Government Ethics) form 278e page 45.

There you will see that Trump no longer own stock in this company.  You will also see that he previously had.  Now, because of his history in a stock should we assume he is beholden to it?  That’s a huge presumption that carries little if any weight.  It makes zero sense.

But common sense is obviously becoming obsolete.  Although it has been revealed that our media is dishonest, many people continue to circulate articles such as this one.  It serves the means – spreads the fear and creates unrest.  It touches everyone it comes in contact with…like a disease.  Become immune to the infection – fill yourself with facts.