As our nation strides forward we our approaching the day when the new President Elect takes office.  With this in mind, I am reflecting upon my expectations of him and what I hope his legacy will be.  My long list is intense – so I’ll attempt to pin point the issues I feel are most important.

In my lifetime I don’t know if I have ever felt optimistic about the way our government works.  I don’t recall feeling that our best interests were factored into the decisions made in the Oval Office or in Congress.  It has been apparent that greed has directly influenced policies, regulations, and laws.   Decisions are made in accordance with big money – the rich grow richer and the middle class become non-existent.  Thus leaving the majority of us scratching and clawing our way to…nowhere. Unless we have some miraculous opportunity for which we can achieve enormous wealth – we will remain left behind.  The large corporations employ lobbyists to bribe our Congress men and women in return for personal favors.  The result of this corruptible behavior becomes evident when a new bill is passed or changed allowing the corporate business to grow even larger, less transparent, etc.  The remainder of us, like usual are left with little choice but to follow along… powerless to their ploy.  So it may be a tall order, but I’d like to see restructuring in our government, I’d like to see power given to the people.  And I’d definitely like to see an end to the lobbyist and all the corruption and greed that goes along with their influence.  The only voice a government official should be influenced by is his or her constituents, the people’s, not the corporations.

Secondly, I’d like for our president-elect to completely restructure our lack of law enforcement and common sense especially in regard to illegal immigrants.  It’s mind-blowing that people are pouring into our country, taking advantage of our kindness and our people.  The way government assistance is currently structured toward immigration has been negatively impacting every single one of us and we’ve been powerless to stop it.
For one – our country is Trillions of dollars in debt, we cannot afford to support any immigrants who migrate to our country legally or illegally by allowing them to benefit from our system.  We cannot continue at this pace.  We are currently providing these people with the following; free Healthcare, food stamps. Housing, living expenses and schooling – both public education and private universities.  We, as citizens, are paying – and it’s bleeding us dry.  Meanwhile our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors endure one hardship after another.  Vets are without proper Healthcare, ordinary citizens whose lineage has served our nation – are homeless, hungry and dying on the streets in this country.  Families have lost incomes, homes and Healthcare and are left behind, suffering.  Our nation has somehow become numb and blind to their plight.The media urges our help with suffering refugees in an effort for us to feel more for them and less for our own.  Our nation has appeared more focused on the needs of others and we have failed to look after our own men, women and children.  We are collapsing from within.  We have become nothing but slaves to the immigrants who come here to use and abuse our benefits.

Add to that, we have been marching full speed toward civil unrest, due in part to this migration.  We are placing ourselves at their mercy.  As millions of people continue to pour over our borders with no intention of honoring our people, our cultures, our history, our values or our laws we are risking everything and everyone.  Many of those migrating here are intent on maintaining their cultural beliefs while living on our land.  Our government has been telling us, expecting us, to live alongside the people whose teachings involve hate and whose beliefs are in such opposition to our own…regarding marriage, sex, child rearing, education, worship, conflict resolution and freedom.
My desire, my passion and my hope for our President elect is for a complete and total restructuring of this massive immigration issue.  I would like a President who values our safety, who values our people’s needs above all others.  One who will work to ensure that our fellow country men, women and children are first on the list of priorities. One who will ensure that we are not left behind and bled dry.  It may be my deepest expectation of his legacy…but it may also be the most challenging.