Entitlement by definition means – The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

When in life should we feel entitled?  When an agreement is made between parties both become righteously entitled to expect  benefits in accordance with the agreement.  For example, when you are employed you are serving your employer, you are entitled to receive compensation.  Both parties benefit equally.

It does not mean that because you were born you are entitled to receive whatever you desire from anyone.  If you believe that you are entitled to receive the following; love, respect and kindness simply because you exist you may need to approach the concept differently or you could suffer severe disappointment in life.  Sure it would be a joyous world if everyone lived by these unspoken rules, but who made the agreement?  Last time I checked I don’t recall an agreement put in place between me and a stranger.  Nor do I approach a stranger with an expectation that I will be treated fairly with love, kindness and respect.  What I can and will do is treat everyone I meet with those concepts in mind, that is MY expectation of myself.  If any person acts in such a manner that causes me to retract the agreement, then I have no further expectations of the encounter.  If I do receive love respect and kindness then I may desire to prolong the encounter or maybe allow that person to see the next layer of me.  Still I don’t feel entitled to continue to receive this treatment indefinitely, life doesn’t work that way. Due to the ebb and flow of our emotional mentality… human beings are ever-changing.

I don’t expect for my parents to support me, physically, emotionally or mentally and I do not feel entitled to those things. We do not have an agreement that states I am entitled to receive any amount of support from them regarding anything in my life, therefore I do not have any expectation of entitlement.  If they chose to offer any support I am simply grateful.

Even the phrase – “what you put into something you will get back” – is misleading.  It leaves us with a feeling of entitlement and unless you really examine what your expectation is you may be disappointed.  i.e. if you chose kindness and place your time and effort into another person you are not entitled to receive their kindness in return.  So..you put in, but you feel you’re not getting back. What are you receiving?  It’s definitely something.  What about a sense of peace, the joy of giving, or the feeling of pride in your efforts?  Maybe if you remove the expectation of entitlement you will begin to absorb some attainable benefits.

As previously stated, we are human beings with a wide assortment of emotions.  We either chose to accept that some aspects of life are going to be more challenging and we use that challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn, or we don’t.  I’d rather accept that there are things out of my control and recognize that the only person I can control is myself.   I will not choose to allow an unfair and sometimes challenging society to victimize me.  When we expect any type of entitlement we place ourselves in a victims role.  So it’s simple really, do you can identify yourself as a victim or a warrior, the choice is yours.  Please chose wisely because the consequences of this choice affects our society as a whole.