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Special Press Release – Letters to a Sociopath

  Brighton Author Bekka Brooks Sweeps 5 Star Reviews “Letters to A Sociopath” A Memoir, from author Bekka Brooks receives multiple five star reviews. MESA (AZ)—Letters to A Sociopath: A Memoir, from author Bekka Brooks: Sweeps the Five Star review... Continue Reading →

The Road To Happiness

I'm riding shot-gun in the sleek, red Ferrari.  The top is down, and even at high speeds, the air brushing through my hair is warm.  The man behind the wheel is curiously, not smiling.  The driver, my friend, is an... Continue Reading →

Letters To A Sociopath-Trailer

Healing the Great Divide

  There’s a divide amongst us And it just feels wrong The separation of people Does not make us strong.   We live in this world All wanting to be equal. This journey we’re on Is for every one of... Continue Reading →

New Release – Letters To A Sociopath

For Bekka the days passed slowly… Nearly all of them were plagued with secrets and littered in debris. A path that would ultimately lead her blindly to the final day. When it arrived, it was the most challenging of all.... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Abuse

One out of every three women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime…. Have you ever known one? There’s quite a few… Have you ever been one? Was the victim…you?   You may have heard questions Some people... Continue Reading →

Inauguration Day – Poem

Our country has been driven right into the ground, and if you've failed to notice...just look around. We're living with deceit, its a big pack of lies.  The media spins propaganda, and fear's on the rise. Pining one side against another,... Continue Reading →

An Anti-Trumper

I met an anti-trumper last night, and it wasn't intentional.  She's actually someone I've known, but I wasn't aware of her political views, nor her feelings regarding Trump.   She made them known when the topic of conversation touched on the... Continue Reading →


The man I chose.  My best friend and partner.  Him. He has faults, he has bad days, he can also be moody and indifferent.  But when you move beyond all that, it's easy to see goodness.  He's a man who... Continue Reading →

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